Established in the year 2004 at Bhopal. In beginning, 60 Ekal Vidhyalayas were adopted by the Bhopal Chapter and while making continuous progress, in the year 2022-23 about 1500 Ekal Vidhyalayas of 6 Anchals and at present 925 Ekal Vidyalayas of 4 Anchals are controlling, monitoring and funding. Bhopal chapter is getting full support from Mahila Samiti and Ekal Yuva Team due to which the chapter is touching new heights of progress. Bhopal Chapter comprises an enthusiastic team that works with full vigour to realise the goal of the organization.Along with all other wings under the banner of Ekal, the members has been in a constant effort of engaging more and more Bhopali to our cause. Many affluent businessmen and professionals of Kolkata have given their time and support to this chapter. The chapter keeps on organizing a diverse variety of events and activities to not only entice more and more people to join us but to also give them a noble opportunity to use the platform of FTS and play their part in serving society and support nation-building.

President Note

Service is infinite, just as the depth of the ocean and the height of the sky cannot be measured, in the same way it is impossible to measure service, here man works not with body, not with money, but with soul and heart, and when soul and heart When it comes to serving, he reaches to infinity, where only he can imagine the bliss he feels. That is, it will not be an exaggeration to say that service is not for favor but for the purification of one’s conscience. Many great souls like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Anne Besant, Swami Vivekananda, Nelson Mandela were born on this earth who selflessly dedicated their whole life in the service of others with body, mind and wealth.

___ Sri. Sanjeev Agarwal
Sri. Rakesh Agarwal Secretary
Sri. Sanjay Kabra Treasurer

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