Friends of Tribals Society, Guwahati Chapter was started in 2005, Guwahati Chapter has not looked back since its inception and has made special efforts for the smooth operation and expansion of Ekal’s education campaign by associating prominent persons of the local society. Under the Panchmukhi dimensions of the Guwahati Chapter organization, efforts are being made to keep the service work smooth and orderly on other dimensions along with the education of the children.

From time to time, the work has been facilitated as a guide for the National Guideline Chapter, which has been helpful to the chapter office bearers. FTS has made many achievements in its journey, which has been praised by the Honorable Prime Minister in his addresses. For the efforts made by the organization for the education of the children of the Vanbasi community as well as for the upliftment of the villages, it was encouraged by the government in the past by honoring the Gandhi Peace Prize. In the past, the organization celebrated its silver jubilee year with enthusiasm, now we are moving towards the golden jubilee.

President Note

In the general meeting of the chapter last month, the chapter members again entrusted me with the leadership of the chapter, I will try my best to maintain the trust of the members. The Guwahati chapter always tries to follow the policies of the center and the plans for the implementation of which the center expects from the chapter, it should be followed on time. The Guwahati chapter is actively involved in implementing the tasks by taking the members of the chapter along with them.

In the past days Ekal Sur Taal and Hanuman Chalisa and Bhajan programs have made the local people feel proud, there has been a trend among the people of the society towards Ekal. Along with Vanyatra, Teacher’s Day, Yoga program and various religious events, chapter meetings etc. are organized regularly. Efforts are made to have good participation of the people of the society in the events, besides this emphasis is laid on joint participation in the programs of Shri Hari Satsang Samiti. There is such an effort that the chapter is able to collect respectable OTS for single schools.

___ Sri. Vijay Agarwal Kejriwal
Sri. B L Naulakha Secretary
Sri Vivek Jalan Treasurer

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