Guwahati Chapter was inaugurated on 27th November, 2005 at Hotel Rajmahal, Guwahati in the presence of National Executive Committee members. The first chapter Executive Committee was formed to cater the need of the hour. Recently, a new executive committee has been formed for the year 2021-23, the leadership of the chapter has been entrusted to Mr. Vijay Agarwal.

President Note

With assuming the responsibility of Guwahati Chapter, Efforts have been made in the direction of organizing the tasks, and I am sure that with the guidelines of the center, we will be able to carry forward our responsibilities smoothly with success. With the cooperation of all the members of the chapter, it is our endeavor to fulfill the expectations of the Guwahati Chapter Center and our associate sub-chapters should also fulfill their responsibilities with honesty, such efforts will be made.

___ Sri Vijay Agarwal Kejriwal
Sri Naresh Kumar Agarwal Secretary
Sri Vivek Jalan Treasurer

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