Youth are the back bone of a Nation. The future of the society / community is in their hands. Therefore, they should get involved in the well – being of a Nation through their service. It is important to channelise their intelligence and skills into positive areas so that they do not get trapped by adverse and critical social issues namely alcoholism, other addictions etc.

Keeping this in mind, FTS started a new initiative titled as ‘Youth For Seva’ with an objective of involving the youth in the welfare projects and overall development of the community. Youth should be continuously motivated by FTS so that they could take up various projects for the holistic development of the society / community.

Introduction of Ekal Abhiyan to form Ekal Yuva, Chennai

July 14, 2018: “Ekal ko Jano” – an orientation programme to familiarize the youth with the Ekal Abhiyan – was conducted as a precursor to forming Ekal Yuva in Chennai on the auspicious occasion of Rath Yatra. Smt. Lata Malpani – Mentor, Ekal Yuva briefed the youth on the philosophy of the Ekal Abhiyan and its impact over the years – from its inception in the year 1989 with the set-up of Ekal Vidyalayas, to how it has progressively grown to include within its ambit, an entire array of programmes dedicated to promoting rural social and economic development in India. This was followed by inspirational talks by President Shri K.K. Maheshwari, Working President Shri Mahendra ji Mohta and Coordinator of Ekal Study Circle Mrs. Gauri Ramachandran. A question and answer session followed. The orientation programme was very successful and it was decided to conduct a meeting with the Yuvas to form a committee and decide on the future course of action.

Rural Youth and Farmers Meet on 4-8-2018

Mr. Siddharth Daga, a member of EkalYuva – Chennai, visited the Gramothan Resource Centre (GRC) in Kumbakonam along with Project Coordinator Shri. G. Anil Kumar on 4th August, 2018. They met the rural youth and farmers, and discussed possibilities of rural development.

Formation of Ekal Yuva, Chennai on 11th August 2018

Smt. Lata Malpani walked the group through a presentation specifically designed for Ekal Yuva, focusing on the role of Yuva in the Ekal Abhiyan. All the Yuvas present filled up their membership forms. Mr. Kirti Baheti was appointed as the Chairperson of Ekal Yuva, Chennai under the able mentorship of Smt. Lata Malpani who is also the Secretary of Friends of Tribals Society, National Mahila Samiti. An open discussion followed, where the Yuvas exchanged ideas on programmes that can be conducted to further the objectives of Ekal Yuva. After much deliberation, two programmes were finalised for the next couple of months. It was proposed that a two-day Public Awareness Programme be held in September 2018 to popularise the Ekal Movement in the city of Chennai. In October 2018, a visit to Kumbakonam would be held for all members to visit the Ekal Gramothan Resource Centre. This will also provide them with an opportunity to study the prevailing situation in the village. On the basis of the observations made during the visit, each member will prepare his / her own Project Report with the aim of adopting said village for possible development. Ekal Yuva, Chennai has a bunch of enthusiastic youth in the group and all those who could not attend the meeting on 11th August will join in the next meet.

Meeting of Ekal Yuva, Indore on 11th August, 2018

On 11th August, 2018, National Leader Mrs. Neha Mittal coordinated an Orientation Programme of Ekal Yuva. The Programme was started with Mantra Chanting followed by an informal welcome. After that, Ice – breaker Session was coordinated. Mrs. Neha Mittal narrated her story and the reason for being associated with Ekal. A short audio – visual on Ekal was played followed by the Presentation which included the Objectives, Structure and Working of Ekal Yuva. Then the members were divided into a group of 4 according to the Functional Committees and they were asked to prepare their Objectives, Task List, Roles and Responsibilities for the next 1 year. This part of the session was taken by Shreyaskar Chaudhary. The Participants came up with great ideas. All the participants were convinced to join Ekal Yuva and they filled up the forms. Presently, a great confidence is evident amongst all the members and the work can start off with great enthusiasm.