Ekal Yuva

Youth are the back bone of a Nation. The future of the society is in their hands. Therefore, they should get involved in the well – being of a Nation through their service. It is important to channelize their intelligence and skills into positive areas. With the aim to involve the youth- the creative hands that can shape the future of the nation, THE NATIONAL Launch of Ekal Yuva under the umbrella of Ekal Abhiyan was held on the 25th October, 2018 at Indore in the gracious presence of Honourable Defence Minister Mrs. Nirmala Seetharaman.

In a house-full auditorium with over 1000 viewers

A note from the national chairperson

I became a part of this revolutionary organising when I was just a child and probably didn’t even understand the magnitude of work being done by ekal and the impact it may have on our country. The story that I remember so vividly even today about ekal is what keeps the fire inside me burning! In one of the remote villages of Orissa, in a hut which occupied 5 women, only one woman would come out of the hut at a time. The reason being they had only one saree to share amongst each other to cover their body decently. How could such poverty exist? It seemed unreal to me. But it was a reality check for all youngsters like me and you who can afford branded clothes to no end. Since then Ekal is the platform for me to not help the underprivileged but to perform my duty towards my nation. I call upon the youth of the country today to pledge to serve Bharat Mata and show your gratitude to your country. Let the Yuva energy come together to build a new prosperous India.

Ekal Yuva the youth wing of Ekal Abhiyan, launched on 25th October 2018, by the then Defence inister, Smt. Nirmalaji Sitharaman. Today we have spread across 12 cities in India and have been able to create a strong national team. Looking forward to a fulfilling journey with Ekal! Ekal Yuva is today’s Arjun and, Shyamji is our Krishna giving us direction along with Bajrang ji Bagra as our Hanuman, protecting us.

___ Neha Mittal


A Dip In The Ocean Of Memories From 2018 To 2020

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future…….
We all yuvas inspired, Guided, by the words of our mentors under the leadership of national chairperson, Neha Mittal and all circle chairpersons who were fully charged, following the path of Swami Vivekananda, “Uttho, Jago aur tab tak mat ruko jab tak apne lakshaya ki prapti na ho jaye.”

Initially we started with many orientation programs to add new members and new circles endeavouring to join with us, more people in this noble cause. Gradually we started spreading our wings with many events, competitions to promote volunteering for the cause of rural and tribal development.

Here is a small glimpse of what  we have organised last year-

  • Many workshops for women empowerment such as-
  • Bangle making
  • Tailoring workshop
  • Paper bag making
  • Organic vegetation
  • Carrier counselling for young girls   
  • Lots of van yatras and learning yatras for university students
  • Mumbai team’s association with zee cine awards gave us a great media coverage
  • 5000  students form colleges and school were sensitised by Indore team by organising 
  • many competitions and presentations.
  • Indore team wall painting event had spread the colours of awareness in the Indori walls
  • Participation in lots of exhibitions and marathons
  • Training of ‘sewa bharati’ was done by surat team
  • A house full charity movie show as fundraising event .by indore team