Jan 29, 2023

VanYatra to Uttar 24 Pargana

New Alipore Samity (Dakshin Kolkata Samity) organized a Vanyatra to two Ekal Vidyalaya on 29th January 2023. The schools were located at Purulia Adibashi Pada and Purulia Purba Pada of Gayghata Sanch, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Many existing and prospective members participated in this Vanyatra. The members were delighted with warm and traditional welcome given by the villagers. Ekal children were also elated and gave outstanding cultural performance which they had prepared for the vanyatris. Children also recited many poems taught in Ekal Vidyalaya and demonstrated their skills in solving maths problems. The vanyatris interacted with the children, teachers and karyakartas and were amazed seeing how well the Ekal Vidyalaya in working in this village.Some gifts were also given to the children by the vanyatris.