Functional Literacy

Ekal Vidyalaya or One Teacher School (OTS) is one of the most important part of FTS’ five -fold education for imparting primary education to the children in a tribal village. Ekal Vidyalayas are active in remote villages for creating atmosphere for learning of fundamental skills. The school runs for 3 hrs for 6 days a week with average of 30 students. Starting with prayer, the core aim is to teach them basic skills of Reading, Writing, Basic Arithmetic, General Science, Basic Social study, Physical activities, Songs, Short stories, Handicrafts, etc for the overall development of the students.

The Gram Samitis consisting of the inhabitants of the village are responsible to monitor and support the activities in these Vidyalayas.

Moreover, FTS’s associate Arogya Foundation of India (www.arogyafoundationekal.org) has been established to augment health care i.e. spreading awareness and education through EkalVidyalaya, organising health camps in the Sanch (Cluster) Kendras to provide professional medical services to the community and distribute free medicines; also, Health Karyakartas visit households regularly to encourage women and children i.e. the backward sections of the society towards healthy living.

Development Education / Gramothan

Development Education or Gramothan is another aspect of Ekal’sfive fold education which has been considered necessary after running of OTSs in the villages. Out of the realisation that the village community should be linked with a self – sustainable economic development programs by using local resources.

These Development Activities are –

  1. Organic Farming by setting up pit for Vermicompost or Cow Dung
  2. Farming of Commercial Crops
  3. Water Conservation through Rain Water Harvesting
  4. Pesticides from Cow Urine
  5. Using of proper tools for packing

Benefits to Tribal / Rural Folks –

  1. Reduce cost of production of crops
  2. Improve fertility of land by using compost fertilizer
  3. Recharging of Ground Water level
  4. Increased level of employment
  5. Reduce debt burden
  6. Increase earning thereby reducing poverty level

Ekal Abhiyan aims to provide socio – economic development of the tribals and villagers. Therefore, Gramothan Resource Centres (GRCs) have been set and / or being up in each State with an objective to make the community economically self – reliant.

The Role of GRC’s are –


Empowerment / Jagran

FTS, under its five – fold education system, has taken up the initiative to spread awareness amongst the illiterate and economically poor people about the government welfare schemes so to protect them not only from deprivation but also get access to the benefits of such schemes. They are also made aware about the benefit of Right To Information (RTI) Act through which they can raise their queries if there is any occurrence of inconvenience. Our Sevabratis (field workers) help raise awareness of these schemes and benefits. They also help the beneficiaries in filing the applications under RTI Act. Under such awareness programmes, children of the OTS also help in sapling plantation activities to transform the village into ‘Green.’

Ethics & Value Education / Sanskar

FTS’s associate Shree Hari Satsang with utmost emphasis on Ethics & Value Education or ‘SanskarShiksha’ which is all about Indian culture, heritage and values; the village community is directed towards a value – based education surrounded and enhanced with religious environment; SanskarKendras have been set up by FTS for various religious practices and also tries to keep people away from vices like alcoholism.