Under the Presidentship of Smt. Pushpa ji Mundra (2011-17) and Smt. Geetaji Mundra and with Smt. Lata ji Malpani as the General Secretary since 2017, Rashtriya Mahila Samiti got a Performance Award by the Governing Board of FTS on 15th August 2018. Smt. Lata ji Malpani was also honored with an Encouragement Award for her meticulous efforts to make Rashtriya Mahila Samiti be recognized as ‘A well organized Samiti’.


The new telephone Directory of Rashtriya Mahila Samiti was inaugurated by the Chief Guest- First Lady of Assam Smt. Prem Mukhi ji in NEC held at Guwahati on 15th March 2018. From the left Smt. Pushpa Mundra- Patron RMS, Smt. Prem Mukhi ji-First Lady of Assam, Smt. Geeta Mundra- President RMS, Smt. Sudha Ji Shrivastav – Ex President of Assam Mahila Commission and Smt.Lata Malpani- General Secretary RMS.


NEC in Guwahati, March 2018 ,the meeting was attended by totally 93 members; 55 NEC members from 21 Mahila Samities across India with 38 Local Members.


Group picture with the New Governing Board Members who took charge on 12th September 2017 at the AGM held in Raipur.


First Lady of Chhattisgarh, Chief Guest- Smt. Veena Singh ji being honoured at AGM held in Raipur on 12th Sept 2017.


NEC held in Mumbai on 2nd and 3rd March 2017


Deep Prajwalan by TV atrist Ms. Somya Tandon at NEC in Mumbai on 2nd March 2017


Ex Mayor of Agra, Smt. Anjula Singh Mahore, as Chief guest in NEC held in Agra on 8th September 2016


Group picture of NEC held in AGRA on 8th September 2016


Sadhvi Ritambara ji graced the NEC as Chief Guest in Vrindavan on 2nd & 3rd July 2015


Mountaineer Smt. Santosh Yadav ji as Chief Guest at the NEC held in Delhi on 2nd August 2014


Chief Guest Smt. Rajni Rai – former Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry at the NEC held in Nagpur on 23rd November 2012