About Vanyatra

The literal meaning of ‘Vanyatra’ is ‘Journey to Forest’. History speaks about the Past of Orient which has been profoundly engrossed in travelling of saints into deep forests for attaining illumination and deliverance. But in the modern era, salvation has eventually loses its significance the way it did earlier and an indistinct facade of modernism overruled the roots of Orient. At this point of time, we have to live up on the popular saying of Swami Vivekananda “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

To keep in mind the five – fold education, Vanyatra has been initiated in FTS and to bring common man to the Vanvasis for their welfare. Vanyatra involves direct visit to Ekal Schools / villages and programmes to get the first – hand experience about the FTS activities. It can be a whole day affair where the Vanyatris get the opportunities to interact with the rural / tribal folks / brothers & sisters  involving the whole community including the children studying in OTS, teachers and Sevabratis.

Seeing is believing !!!

Vanyatra is a trip to the Ekal villages to have practical experience of how Ekal Vidyalaya are functioning in the remotest villages of the country. The Vanyatra are mainly physical but with the advancement of technology virtual vanyantra are also conducted depending on the situation.

The Vanyatra can be a one day /two day trip  through which the visitors can see the operation of One Teacher School, interact with the students and acharyas and also have a feel of rural living.The students and teachers warmly welcome the visitors and also present various cultural programs dressed up beautifully in traditional attires.It sets up a festive aura and the visitors enjoys and takes back happy memories.

We take the school students/college students/prospective donors to these trips.We have various year on year activities like raffle sheet drive /social credit program through which we interact with various schools and colleges in cities.The students of these schools and colleges get the opportunity to meet the rural students and teachers.Many of the prospective CSR donors and general donors also visits the Ekal Villages.They feel overwhelmed with the difference the FTS is bringing in rural life thereby uplifting the rural india to bridge the rural urban gap.

We had the privilege of having Microsoft’s General Manager from the USA, Mr. Rodney Clark once on one of our Vanyatra in Rajasthan and he was extremely  pleased with the impact  of the Ekal schools on rural and tribal children. These trips are a great way to witness  the positive impact of our work by interacting directly with the beneficiaries of our project.


Want to Go on a Vanyatra?