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Friends of Tribals Society (FTS), a non-government, voluntary organization is committed to the upliftment of tribals and other deprived in rural India, by providing basic education to their children and giving the villagers health care education, development education and empowerment education. It believes that literacy is the key to progress. FTS was established in 1989 at Kolkata and has 32 chapters in all over India. It believes that literacy is the key to progress.

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Indian Institute of Company Affairs (IICA) is a Government of India agency under the Ministry of Company Affairs. They have a CSR Hub and Friends of Tribals Society has been registered as one of the implementing agencies. The following links will lead to pages where our name appears in the data base of Implementing Agencies (IA).
IA Hub Code : A000152


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Meet Our Ambassadors Hemamalini

A celebrated star of Indian cinema, renowned Bharatnatyam exponent, and a prominent MP, Hemamalini has adopted cause of FTS as one of her missions, and tirelessly campaigns for our cause.

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