Friends of Tribal Society Mumbai was established in September 1997.
Mumbai being the financial capital of India, FTS Mumbai Chapter slowly rose to be one of the National Chapters. Today apart from Kolkata headquarters FTS Mumbai has the highest number of OTS collections. In this journey of 25 years, FTS Mumbai has achieved many a milestones. Be it organising events with ZEE honoring the “Ekal Heroes”, putting up exhibition stalls for awareness in Mahalaxmi Race Course “Running for Humanity” or partnering with Rotary to spread Awareness of Ekal activities in many of its functions held all over the city

President Note

I feel privileged to be heading the Mumbai Chapter of FTS.
One thing I learnt from my long association with FTS, is that , the synergy between everyone ,from its members to the karyakartas, adhyapaks , sanch samitis, from the grassroot level up to the chapter level, has been the key to our success as a Movement

The sincerity and single minded focus of our Chapter members is proof of our upward growth. From 25 schools to 12000 schools un a short span of 30 years is indeed worthy of applause.

Our FTS Mahila Samiti is very strong, active and has been a great contributor in the success of the chapter.
Ekal Yuva  Mumbai too is a very active and vibrant group. They publish an E-Bulletin called Ekal Talks which gives a bird’s eye view of the activities undertaken through the year.

All Members of the Mahila Samiti rose to the occasion both individually and collectively during the Pandemic. They connected with the teachers and Samiti members and shared tips on the prevention of Covid.

I am proud and privileged to lead such a team.

___ Sri. Nayantara Jain
Shri Srigopal Pachisia Secretary
Shri Umesh Shah Jt. Treasurer

CPC Details

Smt. Vaishali Vardhman Daristekar

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Email USfts.mumbai@ekal.org