About Agra.. Agra Chapter was formed on 01 Apr 1990 by Late.Shri Chhedi Lal Agarwal Ji and Sh.Pooran Chandra Agarwal Ji . Agra Chapter since 1990 has grown from a small group of 02 Members to over 58 members and collection of donations for schools from only 05 schools to 283 schools. There is no FTS office of Agra chapter since 1990 till now. The office bearers of Agra chapter visit their donors door-to-door once or twice a year to receive donations. Chapter is monitoring 283 schools in Rajasthan out of which 467 schools are funded by Agra Chapter.

President Note

I am honored to have been appointed as the President of FTS Agra Chapter. On behalf of the new Executive Committee, I would like to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and we request your support and active participation in the activities of FTS.

___ Sri. Ram Ratan Mittal
Sri. Rajesh Varma Secretary
Sri. Vijay Kumar Khanna Treasurer

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