About SevaPatra

‘SevaPatra’ is a small money collection box which is placed at the premises of members and donors. Residents and guests of those premises put small donations into the box.

It promotes the ‘Sanskar’ of sharing among all the members of the family especially our children. It connects with the whole family with one common goal of thinking and donating for the underprivileged. The moral behind SevaPatra is being considered so divine that some of the members have even kept it in their Puja room. Some members even made it a routine to put some money in the box everyday after they are done with their daily Puja. SevaPatra was introduced few years back which is going on well.

If you are willing to keep SevaPatra at your home, please fill the information and send to the FTS Chapter in your City. Funds accumulated in SevaPatra are collected on interval of six months by FTS office after prior appointment with the Holder of the SevaPatra.

Seva Patra Yojna Form