Aug 29, 2023

Raksha Bandan Celebration at Sonarpur Anchal and with Office Staff

On the 29th of August 2023, the members of the Mahila Samity, Kolkata chapter embarked on a visit to the Sonarpur anchal in West Bengal to celebrate Rakhi with the Anchal Samity and their dedicated Karyakartas. During this visit, they tied Rakhis to 30 Karyakartas and shared sweets, snacks, and thoughtful gifts. The Karyakartas, in turn, reciprocated by tying Rakhis on the wrists of Mahila Samity members, creating a deeply emotional and meaningful moment for all involved. This interaction served to strengthen the bond between the Mahila Samity members and the Karyakartas. Following this heartwarming exchange, the Mahila Samity members also extended their visit to the chapter office, where they continued the tradition of tying Rakhis with the office staff. This further solidified the connections between the Mahila Samity members and the dedicated office team.